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About Laura's Lane Nursery

In 1957 Laura Wheeler planted the first tree seeds.  Two years later those seedlings became the beginning of what is now known as Wheeler’s Laura’s Lane Nursery, a three generation family owned nursery that has been supplying oxygen, happiness, and helping sustain our ozone layer for over fifty years. 

After graduating from Michigan State University Laura’s son Joseph Wheeler Sr. took over the business with his wife Beatrice.  They then continued to expand the business by increasing the size of the nursery from the original three acres to its current size of over 500 acres of nursery and Christmas tree stock.  They also added additional buildings and coolers (refrigeration units) to house the additional stock during spring harvest.

Joe and Beatrice have raised five children, two of which are actively involved in the nursery.  Joseph Wheeler Jr. also a graduate of the M.S.U. Nursery Management Program has been working for the business with the desire to one day be owner/operator.  Mary Wheeler Miller has a Business Degree and is now Office Manager for the nursery.  She also owns and operates Mary’s Holiday Wreaths.

Keith Johannes (Field Foreman) and Sharon Wheeler Johannes (Secretary) have recently retired after years of dedication to the business.  Joe’s son-in-law Don Miller is now Field Foreman for the nursery and Christmas trees business.

Today with three generations of nursery professionals Wheeler’s Laura’s Lane Nursery is dedicated to providing the tree industry with the hardy high quality nursery stock and Christmas trees customers have come to expect. 

We are proud members of:

American Association Of Nurserymen
*Wisconsin Nurserymen Association

*Wisconsin Woodland Owner's Association
*Wisconsin Christmas Tree Association
*National Christmas Tree Association
*Minnesota Christmas Tree Association
*American Tree Farm System
*NEFCNA (Northeastern Forest & Conservation Nursery Assoc.)