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Age Key For Trees

2 YR. S..........2 years in seedling bed
3 YR. S..........3 years in seedling bed

1-1 T.P..........1 year seedling bed and 1 year transplant bed

1-2 T.P..........1 year seedling bed and 2 year transplant bed

2-2 T.P..........2 year seedling bed and 2 year transplant bed

2-3 T.P..........2 year seedling bed and 3 year transplant bed

Deciduous Trees & Shrubs

Less than 50 trees, please add 25 cents per tree

Birch - White:

Moderate to fast growth with a mature height up to 70 ft.  Bark is tighter than native White Birch.
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Birch - Native White:

Grows 50 ft.  The bark is brown to bronze, but turns white as the tree ages.
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Birch - River:

Grows 40-70 ft. and 40-60 ft. wide.  Reddish brown exfoliating bark.  Resistant to bronze birch borer.  Tolerant to many soil conditions.
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Birch - Yellow:

Grows 60-75 ft. and 35-50 ft. wide.  Also known as Golden Birch, features shiny yellow bark and bright yellow fall foilage.
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Cherry - Black:

Hardy, large tree with rough, dark brown bark.  Grows approx 80 feet tall and 50 feet wide.
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Cherry - Nanking:

Grows 8-10 ft.  Spreads 6-10 ft.  A broad spreading shrub.  Pink to white flowers followed by fruit in June.
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Chokecherry - Common:

Small tree with white flowers and dark purple fruit that is edible.  Good food and cover for wildlife.
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Cranberry - American Highbush:

Attractive foliage turns red and orange in the fall. Flat clusters of white flowers followed by red berries. Grows to 8ft.
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Crab - Midwest:

Grows 15 ft.  Moderately rapid growing medium size tree.  Densely branched and oval shaped. 
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Crab - Red Splendor:

Grows 15-25 ft.  Spreads 20 ft.  Red flower buds open into large deep pink single flowers.`
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Dogwood - Red Osier:

Grows 7-9 ft. Spreads 8-12 ft.  A broad erect grower with dark blood red branches.
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Dogwood - Silky:

A native shrub.  Grows 6-8 ft. high with its leaves silky to the touch beneath.  Flowers are white, fruit blue.
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Height and spread 5-12 ft.  Fast growing small tree/shrub.  Attractive to birds.
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Grows 40-60 ft.  Crown width 25-45 ft.  Moderately drought tolerant, but does best in moist, well drained soils.
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Small shrub often in clumps reaching 12 ft.  Edible brown nuts.  Grows best in moist, well drained soils.
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Hemlock - Canadian:

Grows 40-70 ft. high and 23-35 ft. wide.  Lacy, graceful growth with yellow-green needles in Spring.
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Lilac - Common:

Grows 12-15 ft.  Spreads 10-12 ft.  Delicate fragrant purple flowers in May.  Perfect informal hedge or screen.
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Maple - Flame:

Grows 15-18 ft.  Round crown 18-20 ft.  Tolerates a wide variety of soil.  Small tree or multi-stemmed shrub.
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Maple - Red:

Mature height 50-60 ft.  Shade tree with glossy green leaves.  Tolerates wet soils.
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Maple - Silver:

Very hardy, easy to grow tree, and will tolerate a wide variety of soils.  Grows up to 60 feet.
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Maple - Sugar:

Slow to medium growth.  Height 100 feet.  Dark green leaves turn yellow to orange to fiery red in fall.
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Oak Burr:

Tolerates a variety of soil conditions.  Leaf color is dark green in Summer and yellowish to yellowish-brown in fall.
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Oak - Red:

A wide, massive 80-90 ft. shade tree.  This acorn tree provides food and shelter for wildlife.
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Oak - White:

Grows 100 feet or higher.  Slow growing, extremely long lived (300 years or longer).
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Oak - Swamp White:

50 to 60 feet high, 50-60 feet wide.  Does well in moist to wet soils, also in upland areas.
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Plum - American:

Grows 15-20 ft.  A small tree or large shrub.  White flowers in early May - edible fruits.
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Poplar - Hybrid:

Grows approx 50 ft. and spreads 30 ft.  Fast growing tree with large leaves giving lots of shade in a hurry.
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Serviceberry - Allegheny:

Grows 25 ft.  Spreads 15 ft.  Small upright multi-stemmed tree.  Soil & moisture type widely adaptable.
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Serviceberry - Juneberry:

Grows 6-20 ft.  Small to medium suckering shrub that bears white flowers.
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Tamarack - American Larch:

A medium-sized tree, 40-80' tall, open pyramidal crown & shallow wide-spreading root system.
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